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Повзло Олександр Миколайович | Oleksandr Povzloкандидат філософських наук, доцент кафедри філософії Національного університету «Запорізька політехніка» (м. Запоріжжя, Україна) | Philosophy Doctor, Associate Professor of Philosophy Department of Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic National University (Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine)
НАЗВА СТАТТІ | ARTICLE’S NAMEВикладання філософії: чи достатньо наукового підходу? | How to Study Philosophy as Science or Not Science
У цій статті мова йде про дослідження актуальної на сьогоднішній день філософської проблеми для самої філософії: викладання філософії – чи достатньо наукового підходу? Яке відношення існує до філософії в українській суспільній думці, а також, якім воно мусить бути ? Далі обґрунтовується думка відносно того, що необхідно викладати філософію, спираючись на наукову-діалектичну методологію, і, відповідно, ставитися до неї необхідно як до важливого історичного типу науково світогляду і системи пізнання.The article deals that in the system of values of each student the present and future perspectives of social and philosophical and scientific research on the problems of education, philosophy, the place of philosophy in the education system, on the problems of determining the quality of the «beingness» will preserve the actual, difficult and problematic character. It must be recognized that the «market spirit» of a democratic society is, to some extent, a kind of social «nonsense». It is this «nonsense» that generates a primitive «mass culture», bringing a kind of plaque of spirituality to life of the youth (students) and gradually beginning to destroy the traditional «cultural field» genuine democracy in the state. This social «negativity» only classical humanities can be confronted, headed by philosophy, provided they have real, and not imaginary, support from the state. Only in this case it can be really to hope to the attitude to these sciences and to philosophy of the students with «piety». First of all, in teaching «philosophy» the teacher should pay attention of students to understanding that the practical value and significance of philosophy from the very beginning of its occurrence and to this day lies in the fact that it is not only science, but today it has to speak as an anthropological and ideological ideology of the existence of each individual. Each student should be convinced that philosophy proceeding and propagating universal character of culture, traditions of mankind, itself gets universal character. Every modern student and a young specialist to «keep up with the times» must to understand for which this should be done and what is the main aim of life, in which specific direction it is necessary to go to this goal and achieve it. Further, each student should predict what problems will encounter in this movement towards the goal, according to which program, to which plan of action and a set of methods, means, he will overcome emerging problems and solve the main problem, how to achieve his main aim. When a young student-future specialist knows everything about this, has learned and mastered everything, can apply in his active, practical action, then he can be called a person-specialist with a high methodological culture. We must know that the fundamental «basics» of the methodological culture of cognition of all that exists are formed and assimilated within the framework of the study of philosophical knowledge, namely within the framework of dialectical and logical methodology. How to study philosophy as science or not science ?Also the article about philosophical metamorphoses and transformations of the categories of philosophy and science in the context of the consideration of basic question of philosophy about the correlation of categories of being and thinking. These problems are analyzing through the prism of classical philosophical traditions and through the "interpretation" of their meaning in pedagogical didactics and in practice of teaching "philosophy" in universities related to the proper delivery of the most important semantic bases of philosophical knowledge to each student.
філософія, діалектика, освіта, наука, суб’єкт, об’єкт, студент, викладачphilosophy, dialectic, education, science, subject, object, student, teacher
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Повзло О.М.
Викладання філософії: чи достатньо наукового підходу? Культурологічний вісник: Науково-теоретичний щорічник Нижньої Наддніпрянщини / Гол. ред. М.А. Лепський; Запорізький національний університет. Запоріжжя: КСК-Альянс, 2019. Випуск 40. Том 2. C. 118-124.