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ПІБ автора(ів)FULL NAME
Утюж Ірина ГеннадієвнаUtyuzh Irina
доктор философских наук, профессор,
зав. кафедрой общественных дисциплин
Запорожского государственного медицинского университета
(г. Запорожье, Украина)
Doctor of Philosophy,
Professor Head of the Department of Social Studies
Zaporozhye State Medical University
Контуры социальной сингулярности:существование в распадающемся состоянииContours of social singularity: existence in the disintegrating state
В данной статье анализируются проблемы общества, человека связанные с образами будущего. Рассматривается современная ситуация социального как «распада», «предела», «непрерывного прерывания» или сингулярности. В статье сингулярность концептуализируется как символичность индивида в условиях порядка или квази-порядка.The problems of society and human that are associated with images of the future are analyzed in the article. The present situation of the social as "disintegration", "limit", "continuous interruption" or singularity is considered. The singularity phenomenon as the symbolism of an individual in conditions of order or quasi-order is conceptualized in the article.
Modern society enters the model of an individualized space, where "private" prevails over "social". Personal and public remain inextricably linked, but human life is no longer an interaction with society but more a "biographical resolution of systemic contradictions", to the emergence of which for the most part it doesn’t belong.
Individualization is a denial of social forms, individualization is for long, individualization is the concept of "individual - lone person – singularity", megastructures` epoch is over. And then what awaits us? After all, the paradox and tragedy for modern man is that his "narcissistic libido" (J. Lipovecki) still needs someone else.
There is no point to discuss the political, economical component of this problem in this article. We as philosophers have to establish the fact that all the attempts to make social transformations on the platform of economism and politicalism are failing. Most of the decision-makers still do not realize that primarily people live in the mental and spiritual world, in the world of individual characteristics and passions, and only then in the state, economic, political space.
Today as much as possible we don’t want to notice that not only in the post-Soviet space, but in the whole European world there is a crisis of the existing form of state (democratic) power and its institutions. Lyotard calls this situation an ideological disintegration: "distrust of methanarratives" and mercantilization of knowledge. J. Derrida presents modern reality as continuous deconstruction, the absence of real production and life in the simulation reality, as well as the social implosion – explosion which is turned inward (J. Baudrillard), and as a result, the appearance of the phenomenon of quasi-sociality (the continuous chaotic polylogic production of virtual images which are activating unpredictably, embodying in reality – rhizomes (J. Deleuze).
We find ourselves in the situation of disintegrating society (a society of postmodernity). Society in which there is no social culture. But so far, strangely enough we exist, and existence is possible in the disintegrating state, even a fairly long existence. And as Pilyugina E. notes, this state "at the breaking point " is denoted as "continuous interruption", or singularity. The appeal to the plurality of modern strategies of human understanding implies the conceptualization of singularity as the symbolism of an individual in the order or quasi-order of the present. In our research, we apply to the analysis of the individual – the singularity – the lone person in the symbolic order of postindustrial, post-informational space of modern culture, which is also being fashionably called “the post-singular» (and the meaning of post-singular reality remains to be understood and realized).
The focus of the "individual - lone person – singularity" problem is the correlation of the sustainable-reasonable-symbolic order of culture and radical subjectivity, which is deployed in projective spaces of social and individual. As an example of a projective space, one can present the analyst the fragment of a post-industrial society in which the contradiction between the mental codes of people in the industrial and post-industrial societies is so obvious that we are not able to not to comprehend this (this is like one of the singularities that we must overcome).
сингулярность, образы будущего, радикальная субъективность, глобализация, индивид, социальность.singularity, images of the future, radical subjectivity, globalization, individual, sociality.
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Утюж И.Г. Контуры социальной сингулярности:существование в распадающемся состоянии / И.Г. Утюж // Культурологічний вісник: Науково-теоретичний щорічник Нижньої
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