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ПІБ автора(ів)FULL NAME
Повзло Олександр МиколайовичPovzlo Oleksandr
кандидат философских наук, доцент кафедры философии
Запорожского национального технического университета (г. Запорожье, Украина)
Candidate of Philosophical Sciences (Ph. D.), associate professor of Philosophy department,
Zaporizhzhia National Technical University (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine)
Студенчество. Бытие. ФилософияStudents. Being. Philosophy
В статье речь идет о философских метаморфозах и трансформациях категорий бытия и небытия в контексте рассмотрения основного вопроса философии о соотношении категорий бытия и мышления. Эти проблемы анализируются как через призму классических философских традиций, так и через призму толкования их смысла в педагогической методологии и практике преподавания курса философии в вузах, связанных с должным донесением важнейших смысловых основ философского знания до каждого студента.The article about philosophical metamorphoses and transformations of the categories of being and non-existence in the context of the consideration of basic question of philosophy about the correlation of categories of being and thinking. These problems are analyzing through the prism of classical philosophical traditions and through the "interpretation" of their meaning in pedagogical didactics and in practice of teaching "philosophy" in universities related to the proper delivery of the most important semantic bases of philosophical knowledge to each student.
That is why the social philosophy, to a greater extent, was always of interest to the young man (especially the student), his consciousness, his psyche, since the students are the main strategic force of the society, whose actions are designed for the future. It is this category of the population that has always acted and is acting (in the dynamics of the features of its rational thinking, in the system of degrees of awareness of its being and being in general) as a kind of «temporary synthesis» of history: past, present and future, which is vital for any state and society.
Student need to instill the idea that philosophy is a science that progressively develops with the surrounding reality and society. It does not stand still and is constantly changing, reflecting an infinite and continuous process of life. Therefore, every teacher should psychologically prepare the student for the fact that the subject of philosophy is difficult to determine because it, like an endless and unceasing process of life, does not stand still and is constantly changing. And after this, the student there self changes, which must be prepared not only for these changes, but also to act as «inspirational» changes of life. And while preparing another historical «generation» (giving it the appropriate picture of the world), philosophy (as ideology) should inspire ego-i to follow the path of constant changes and updates. After all, under the influence of changing circumstances and changing philosophy, the person itself must necessarily change. And, in turn, the changed person, changes the surrounding reality, after which the philosophy also changes (as a picture of being, as a system of principles of life). And when the student will learn the most general, but important philosophical and philosophical categories about being (life), about spirituality, morality, culture, then, inevitably, he will «reveal» himself in a new way and in a new way will act in his life, more confidently oriented in this complex but interesting world. At this stage, you can speak of it as a whole person. It’s actions will be thought out for it and at the same time understandable to the entire state and public establishment. This «unique» will always be in active contact with the environment, both natural and social. And this individual can no longer manipulated, he will stand firmly on his own feet. Realizing this, realizing the fantastic (including virtual) wealth of the world and being, the young man who has fallen in love with wisdom begins to understand deeper and himself, his versatility and ambiguity. As a person, it gradually becomes richer: mentally, spiritually and morally. Many «secrets» of being for this person will already be revealed and most direct and active participation. And in this, in our opinion, the meaning of human life in general (in the «orbit» of whose movement the young man should be «attracted») is also the main aim of existence - the cosmic mission.
философия, диалектика, сознание, душа, бытие, небытие, сущность, существование.philosophy, dialectics, consciousness, soul, being/existence, non-existence, essence, existence.
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